Vice Chairwoman Miller shares the importance of our salmon, lands and waters at #WeArePugetSound event

“I’ll tell you, we are very protective of our lands and our waters; it feeds our souls, bodies and hearts. It’s important for people to preserve and protect these lands and waters or we won’t have them in the future,” said Vice Chairwoman Sylvia Miller at the 2021 virtual #WeArePugetSound event hosted today by the Washington Environmental Council.

With the return of salmon to streams throughout the Salish Sea, the event focused on how people can support Tribal treaty rights. Communities for a Healthy Bay Executive Director Melissa Malott was the other panelist; the Tribe and CHB have both fought for clean water on issues such as the legal fight over the fish-killing Electron Dam and the Tacoma LNG facility. Vice Chairwoman Miller shared the importance of salmon and water to the Puyallup people and spoke of the need for everyday people to speak up for the environment and Tribal rights, and to support political candidates committed to the same. “We’re not going to give up this fight,” she said. “We’re doing this for the betterment of each and every one of our generations to come: our people. We’re all from the same person. The Creator is the one who’s put us here, and we all should be protecting and preserving these lands and waters.” 

Watch the full Facebook recording here: