Tribal Administration will stay in current reopening phase

Administration met with the Tribe’s medical director today to reassess our reopening plan. We have decided to REMAIN in Phase 2. We will reassess in June.

This is what Phase 2 looks like:
• Visitors (all the people who aren’t employees) may enter Tribal Administration buildings ONLY IF they have appointments.
• Temperature checks and sign-ins are required to enter any Admin building.
• Once inside, employees and visitors must follow health and safety protocols, including wearing masks.
• Events may take place indoors but must be limited to 50 percent capacity.
• Employees will still be encouraged to telework as much as possible. Only 50 percent of any department’s employees may be on-site at any one time if they work in a building.
• Employee training is limited to virtual only.

If you have been following state news, you know that many counties – including Pierce County – are at risk of backsliding to Phase 1 in the state’s Healthy Washington reopening plan. While the Tribe has created protocols to fit our community, one of the many considerations in our decision-making process involves the case counts and hospitalizations of the surrounding communities. We will continue to work under the guidance of our medical professionals, which is to put safety first and stay at Phase 2 instead of advancing to Phase 3.

As always, Tribal Members are encouraged to use the Tribal Directory if they are in need of essential services. The directory, which lists email and cell phone numbers for staff in many programs, is published each month in the newspaper, and is also online at