The science behind LNG

Sources and scientific backing for our claims on Tacoma LNG

Natural gas is a critical part of our energy infrastructure.

Every serious analysis of climate policy calls for eliminating the use of fossil fuels, including gas, in buildings and transportations over the next few decades. [1] [2] [3]

Natural gas will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Scientists say that gas very damaging to the climate, perhaps as bad as coal.Tacoma LNG will mean decades of additional gas use, certain to drive up greenhouse gas emissions.  [1] [2]

Monthly energy bills

PSE is paying for Tacoma LNG project by increasing costs for Puget Sound ratepayers. [1]

Only natural gas transmission line serving our region fails

Relying on gas puts Washington at the mercy of the industry’s privately-owned infrastructure. And Washington imports all the gas it uses so every dollar spent on gas leaves the local economy. [1] [2]

Reduce the chance of harmful spills

LNG spills are extremely hazardous to people and the environment. Extracting gas means harmful fracking and drilling that create serious air and water pollution. [1] [2]

Result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

The alleged greenhouse gas reductions ignore the effects of methane leakage. An honest accounting shows that LNG would significantly increase greenhouse gas emissions. [1]

Additional layers of protection

LNG spills are exceedingly dangerous. A 2014 leak at a similar facility in eastern Washington resulted in an explosion that could be felt up to six miles away. It could be catastrophic in an urban area. [1]

Good for our local economy

The last thing Tacoma needs is one more industrial dirty energy site, especially one with big safety risks. The right solution is to finish cleaning up the Tideflats and start investing in 21stcentury clean jobs. 

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