Statement from Puyallup Tribal Council on EPA’s decision to sue over Electron Dam

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency filed suit against Electron Hydro LLC for the unlawful pollution of the Puyallup River. Electron Hydro’s foolish actions are well-known by now. It put waste field turf pulled from a roadside dump into the home of endangered salmon. To no one’s surprise, cubic yards of crumb rubber soon washed out over 40 miles of the river system.

The river and its fish already were suffering from Electron Dam before this deliberate act. We appreciate the EPA’s quick movement under the Clean Water Act to hold the owners accountable for the damage they have caused.

It has always been the goal of this Tribe to protect our fish and the cleanliness of our sacred waters. We are very happy to have reinforcements in the battle. We cannot have too many. We look forward to the day Electron Hydro answers for its misdeeds.