Statement from Puyallup Tribal Chairman Bill Sterud on Executive Dammeier’s actions regarding devastating Electron Dam release

The Puyallup Tribal Council, on behalf of our Membership and all the residents of Pierce County, thanks County Executive Bruce Dammeier for taking steps to remove the 116-year-old Electron Dam from the Puyallup River.

Electron Hydro LLC, which operates the dam, recently placed massive amounts of artificial turf in our sacred Puyallup River. It was a terrible idea. Potentially toxic rubber broke apart from the turf and seriously contaminated the Puyallup Watershed.

The Puyallup Tribal Council was outraged when we learned of this, but we were not surprised. The action was consistent with the company’s past actions, which have regularly undermined our efforts to protect the river. Every year, we release millions of fish only to see this facility kill them.

This will have long-lasting impacts to the threatened and endangered fish and animals that feed and drink on the banks of the Puyallup. There is no excuse or apology that can right this wrong, but Executive Dammeier’s actions will go a long way toward protecting the Puyallup River, which is the lifeblood of our people and the residents of Pierce County. We should all work together to bring back fishing.

There are leaders who say words, and there are leaders who take action. We are proud to have a partner who will fight for our salmon.

We will not celebrate, however, until the fish-killing nightmare called Electron Dam is a distant memory.

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About the Puyallup Tribal Council

The Puyallup Tribal Council is the elected governing body of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians. The council consists of Chairman Bill Sterud, Vice Chairwoman Sylvia Miller, David Z. Bean, Annette Bryan, James Rideout, Anna Bean and Monica Miller.



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