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  • Scary scenario highlights the importance of CPR and first aid training
    By Molly Bryant, Puyallup Tribal News On Thursday, May 18, after the Puyallup Tribal Employee Appreciation event, a group of Tribal employees encountered a nightmarish scenario. Eyewitnesses from the Tribal Housing Department and Children Services said they discovered a man unconscious on the street near their buildings on Portland Avenue. According to the witnesses, he was laying under a tree and had lost all color from his face and body. His friends were tapping on him to try to get a response. One […]
  • Leschi kids have a blast while learning a thing or two at Culture Day
    By Molly Bryant, Puyallup Tribal News On Friday, Chief Leschi Schools held their annual Culture Day, an event dedicated to teaching students about Puyallup Tribal culture and traditions. The whole school gathered together for fun activities. Language, Fisheries, Diving and other departments within the Puyallup Tribe ran stations set up on the school’s playing fields, each dedicated to a fun educational activity. The Language Program’s station had traditional Native games in Lushootseed to help revitalize ancestral activities with the Tribal youth, including “ʔəƛ’əxʷ […]
  • Bill Burr
    Bill Burr is one of the hottest comedians in the country, and the Emerald Queen Casino Event Center will have him on July 15. The comedian — known for his popular Netflix specials and appearances on “Breaking Bad,” “The Mandalorian” and elsewhere — has dubbed his latest standup set “Slight Return.” Tickets are on sale now, with prices ranging from $178 to $303. Just follow the link. Bill Burr Tickets Jul 15, 2023 Tacoma, WA | Ticketmaster
  • Statement from Puyallup Tribal Council on the Electron Hydro sentencing of May 5, 2023
    “We first want to thank Attorney General Bob Ferguson for his assistance in bringing some level of justice to the atrocities committed by Electron Hydro and its chief operating officer, Thom Fischer, when they polluted the Puyallup River by idiotically dumping crumb rubber into it three years ago. Since time immemorial, the Puyallup people have lived, hunted, gathered and fished these lands and waters. Our hearts were heavy – and angry, disappointed and in disbelief – when we saw what Electron Hydro did […]
  • Judge orders polluter to pay Puyallup Tribe Fisheries Department $745,000, gives C.O.O. probation
    By Ernest A. Jasmin, Puyallup Tribal news Today, Pierce County Superior Court Judge Philip K. Sorensen ordered Electron Hydro to pay the Puyallup Tribe’s Fisheries Department $745,000 to be used to mitigate damage from the company’s release of crumb rubber and other toxic pollutants into the Puyallup River in 2020.  Electron Hydro was also ordered to pay a separate $250,000 fine to Pierce County, and Chief Operating Officer Thom Fischer received two years’ probation. Fischer and his company agreed to plead guilty to […]