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  • Reclaiming & Revitalization
    By Katie Manzanares Oregon Trail videogame 2022 receives Indigenous audit Recently, a new version of the Oregon Trail video game has been released not so coincidently during Native American Heritage Month. The game essentially promoted the westward movement, which wasn’t good for Native people who were forced to be relocated and lost traditional lands. Many Americans traveled the route that was sure to provide work and a better way of life. I had to see if the game had changed from the first […]
  • Puyallup Tribe awards more than $350,000 to local charities
    The Puyallup Tribe has awarded 42 local organizations a combined $354,767 through the Tribe’s Charity Trust Board. Representatives of more than 40 nonprofit and charitable organizations gathered on Dec. 13 at the Emerald Queen Event Center in Tacoma, where members of the Puyallup Tribal Council greeted them and thanked them for their work. “This is a really good thing for us. It fills our hearts, our spirits, with a lot of love knowing that we can help people in this community. We so […]
  • Puyallup School District to amend Tribal relationship and implement Since Time Immemorial Curriculum
    By Puyallup Tribal News Staff The Puyallup School District sits on the traditional homelands of the Puyallup people. The Puyallup School Board voted 4-0 on Oct. 17 to amend its relations with the Puyallup Tribe and ensure accurate implementation of Since Time Immemorial (STI) curriculum. The adoption came at the end of a school board meeting in which several community members urged the board to ensure Since Time Immemorial curriculum was in place. In 2015, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 5433 modifying the […]
  • EPA announces $36 million in grant funds for Puget Sound recovery and conservation efforts
    The Environmental Protection Agency’s Northwest office announced on Wednesday that it will be giving over $36 million in grant funds for Puget Sound recovery and conservation efforts to local, state, federal, and tribal partners. “Federal funding for Puget Sound recovery matters,” said Congressman Derek Kilmer. “It matters to our region’s environmental and economic future. It matters to our efforts to recover salmon populations. It matters if we are going to respect Tribal treaty rights. And it matters to the taxpayers of our region […]
  • Tribal Council Swearing-in Ceremony and recording
    After the Swearing-in Ceremony’s blessing, led by Culture Director Connie McCloud, Bill Sterud and Annette Bryan took the oath of office for their next terms on Puyallup Tribal Council. Tribal Council reappointed Chairman Sterud and Vice Chairwoman Sylvia Miller to their leadership positions. The recording of this morning’s ceremony can be watched online at: