Puyallup Tribe of Indians – Call for Artists for the New Administration Office Building

This Call for Artists is for Artist Made Building Parts and/or custom artwork designs that will be incorporated into the construction of the new Admin building.  There will be additional opportunities for art, however, this phase is strictly asking for designs and Artist Made Building Parts that need to be coordinated and constructed by the Developer of the project. 

The following correlates to the building plans, elevations and specified materials and multiple opportunities are as described below:

  1. Lobby – slatted wood ceiling with lighting.  Artwork could be hanging glass pieces or wood, depending on artist chosen;
  2. Behind Lobby desk, wall material yet to be determined.  Art could be three dimensional as a paneled piece, or a graphic background designed.  The intent is to have the PTOI logo (fish) with specialty lighting placed on top of this material.  Artist could provide the design and Developer could arrange fabrication.
  3. Wood Doors – Press Room.  Artist to provide a graphic design which would allow for CNC engraving coordinated by Developer.
  4. Lobby – there is adequate room for a sculpture piece within the lobby if desired. Artist to be chosen by committee along through design and mock up process.
  5. Elevator doors in lobby – Artist to provide a graphic design for etching on the stainless doors.  Developer to coordinate etching and installation.
  6. Glass Railing viewed from the first floor lobby, installed on the second floor. Artist to provide a graphic design for Developer’s coordination of etching of glass.
  7. Elevator doors on 4th Floor (just outside of Council Chambers), similar to Item E. above, however, a new graphic design to be used on this floor.
  8. Council Chamber entry doors on 4th Floor – similar to Item C. above but a different graphic design.
  9. Top of Lantern, interior space, viewed from the building’s exterior.  Artist to provide a graphic design of a traditional basket weave or blanket.  Developer to coordinate reproduction of design and it will be continuous on all four sides of the interior walls within the Lantern.
  10. Artist to provide graphic designs for multiple conference rooms noted on the drawings.  Each room should represent a different design.  Developer to coordinate reproduction of graphic design into a wallpaper to be installed by Developer.
  11. Pedestrian Lights – Artist to provide a graphic design to be reproduced within the fixtures, intended to be one design typical for all fixtures throughout the Entertainment District.  Developer to provide coordination of fabrication of fixtures.

By July 7, all interested parties should submit a letter of interest, including experience and availability (current conflicts of other work needs to be analyzed) to: [email protected]

Additional contacts:

Cindy Edens – [email protected] with a copy also sent to

Brandon Reynon  – [email protected] 

Attached below is a typical artist agreement that the Developer has used in the past. Additionally, graphic designs may be simpler contracts or purchase orders. 

Link: Artist Agreement Sample