Here is a construction and traffic update on the March 6-23 cleanup project in Fife.  

The contractor completing the work is ahead of schedule and the Northbound I-5 freeway on-ramp has reopened, with access from Pacific Highway East. The rest of the project is expected to continue through March 23, but we’ll send updates to keep you informed. You can always check cityoffife.org/traffic for the most current information.

Please be advised of the following:  

•  There is still no I-5 access at all from 20th Street East in Fife.

•  20th Street East is closed from Industry Drive East to beyond Port of Tacoma Road (POTR). Only business traffic has access.

•  Southbound I-5 access is also open for drivers entering I-5 from the Pacific Highway East side of POTR.

• Northbound I-5 Exit 136-A is closed. Exit 136-B is open for northbound I-5 exiting to POTR.

Background: The closure is required for a substantial environmental cleanup project. On August 18, 2016, a fuel truck overturned as it made a left-hand turn onto northbound I-5 at Port of Tacoma Road in Fife. The overturned truck spilled about 7,500 gallons of fuel. Temporary measures were put in place to divert the runoff, but the time for a permanent fix is now. In order to dig out the contaminated soil under the road, the closures must occur. Thank you for your patience. The cleanup is funded by the insurance company representing the driver of the truck.  

More information is here:

• For updates throughout the project, please check: https://cityoffife.org/traffic

• For a map of the detour and alternate routes, please visit: https://cityoffife.maps.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=db065155b8fb42cd86dc9cf2044b7c61

• Find a one-page fact sheet with detailed closure information and background here: https://www.cityoffife.org/DocumentCenter/View/2693/I-5-ramp-closure-at-Port-of-Tacoma-Road-in-Fife-March-2020

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