Election Board certifies Dec. 10 vote

The Puyallup Tribe’s Election Board has certified the results of the Dec. 10 Membership vote.

Membership voted to:

  • Keep the monthly per capita amounts that adults and minor households receive the same, but increase/decrease bonuses depending on the performance of the casino and Tribal businesses.
  • Distribute each Tribal minor’s trust fund by age according to the following schedule and whether the minor meets one of the following prerequisites:
    • High School Diploma; or
    • GED; or
    • Vocational Diploma/Certificate

AgeSatisfyNot Satisfy

  • Hire the Whitten Burrage Law Firm.
  • Hire the Nix Patterson Law Firm.

An official copy of the certified results, which includes the vote counts, can be viewed at www.puyalluptribe-nsn.gov. It was also mailed to Tribal Members. Questions? Email [email protected].