COVID-19 vaccine appointments available for Puyallup Tribal Elders 10 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Dec. 30.

On Monday, 40 Elders and staff including Ramona Bennett, Connie McCloud, Charlene Matheson and Teddy Simchen received their immunization against the COVID virus. They followed the example set by Tribal Chairman Bill Sterud and about 20 other Elders and staff on Dec. 23, minutes after the Tribe received its first doses of the Moderna vaccine.

There are 64 vaccine appointments available to Tribal Elders on Wednesday, December 30 from 10 a.m. to noon. Book your appointment today by calling the Elders Department at 253-680-5481 before 4 p.m. Staff will be vaccinating eight Tribal Elders only (55+ and no exceptions, no spouses) every 15 minutes. More vaccination opportunities will be announced later.

Elders staff are monitoring all side effects, which can include arm pain and fatigue. To learn more about the vaccine and how the Tribe is administering it, please visit

Connie McCloud

Teddy Simchen
Charlene Matheson

Chairman Bill Sterud