A message from Tribal Council: Tribal employee tests positive with COVID-19

A message from Puyallup Tribal Council:

On Tuesday, March 31, we were notified that an employee has tested positive for COVID-19. Tribal Administration is notifying employees who may have been in contact with the employee so they can self-isolate as recommended.

Our thoughts and best wishes are with the employee and family. We also ask the community to raise their hands to the dedicated medical professionals here and across the world who are caring for patients and doing their best to curb this pandemic.

A message from Dr. Alan Shelton, clinical director of Puyallup Tribal Health Authority:

We are giving the best care we can to the affected employee and hope they will get well soon. Again I want to reinforce the importance of social distancing. The virus works a bit like matches: If you line up a series of matches and light one, the fire will pass match to match and continue. Take one match away and the fire goes out. If we stay over 6 feet away from each other, don’t touch, cover coughs and simply stay home, the virus can’t pass and will go out.

I’m happy to report that social distancing is working in Pierce County with the number of new cases each day beginning to decrease.

Please let us know if you develop a fever and cough.

Stay safe, stay home!