A message from Dr. Shelton: Looking back at 2020 and forward to 2021

In reflecting over the last year, I am thankful of how well the Tribal community has handled the COVID-19 crisis.

Tribal Council was proactive from the beginning of the pandemic – stopping gatherings and encouraging people to work from home, even before it was widely recommended. The COVID team helped with many protocols and responses to small outbreaks. Overall, we have done better than other Tribal communities and what was expected. Thank you all for playing a part.

But of course, we are not done! Soon the vaccine will be available (as soon as early January), and we encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We are still continuing to encourage masking and social distancing. It is best to assume that everyone you come in contact is a potential asymptomatic person with COVID. That way we can continue to act appropriately. Be sure to avoid loud indoor gatherings over the holidays.

If we all work together, next year will be much better!

Thank you!

–Dr. Alan Shelton, Puyallup Tribe Medical Director