By Michael Sisson
Puyallup Tribal Veterans Representative

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our Annual Memorial Day Ceremony was canceled. Gathering several elderly Veterans in late May will not be possible given the current phase of the pandemic in Washington state.

Therefore, we will honor our Tribal Veterans by listing their names below.

Honoring Puyallup Tribal Veterans who have crossed over

Ernest C. Anderson

Francis Andrews

Wilber Andrews

Gary Bench

Wilber Buber

Floyd Buber

Lavina M Buber

Charles (Charlie) Butler

Clarence (Grumpy) Butler

Jimmy Butler

Lawrence (Ikey) Butler

Tommy Butler

Charles (Charlie) Cantrell

Michael L. Castellane

Jim Frank Clark

Silas A. Cross, Jr.

Julius S. (Skinny) Daniels

William S. Daniels

John L. Davis, Sr.

William R. Davis

George Dean, Sr.

Frederick (Dutch) Dillon

Harry Dillon, Sr.

Herman Dillon, Sr.

Roque O. Duenas

Roy Earl

Harold Farris

Leonard R. Farron

Daniel (Danny) Ferro

Leonard (Uncle Buddy) Ferro

Alfred J. Frith

Winfield S. Frith

Donald A. Gilich

Alfred H. (Snuffy) Gleason

Simon E. George

Manuel Gutierrez

Ramona M. Hawthorne

Patrick Henry

Calvin Jack

Joseph (Joe) W. James

Thompson James, Jr.

Roy F. James, III

Julius (Lun) Kautz

John M. (Sonny) Keating, Sr.

Edwin J. Legarde, Jr.

Harold Loebb

Donald M. (Donny) Matheson

Jerome Matheson

Jerrie L. Matheson

Joseph Y. Matheson

Andrew Mc Cloud, Jr.

Donald J. McCloud, Sr.

George (Dotty) McCloud

Bernard E. McKay

Earnest Napoleon

Jack W. Phemister

William K. Pittman

Lawrence R. (Larry) Reynon

Charles B. (Buddy) Satiacum, Sr.

Edmond J. Sibbits

Charles S. Sicade

Clara Sicade

Robert L. Sicade

Charles S. (Stann) Sicade, Jr.

Calvin W. Simchen

Frederick B. (Fred) Thomas

Clarence P. (Dempsey) Tougaw, Jr.

McKenzie (Mac) Turnipseed

Terrance R. Val

Mark Westcott

Charles Williams, Jr.

Joseph J. Williams, Sr.

Ralph J. Williams

Robert A. Williams

Michael Wooten

Benjamin (Big Rueb) Wright, Sr.

James (Jim) Young, Sr.

Joseph H. Young

Julius (John) Young, Jr.