Grandview Early Learning Center


April 20th, 2020


haʔɬ sləxil txʷəl gʷəlapu siʔiʔab,

Good day to you honorable people,


My name is David Turnipseed and I am the new Director at Grandview Early Learning Center (GELC). I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you during my time as a teacher at the Language Department and GELC. For those that do not know me, let me introduce myself a little.


spuyaləpabš čəd. Michael Turnipseed ti sdaʔ ʔə ti dbad. Bertha Jane Turnipseed tsi sdaʔ ʔə tsi dkayəʔ. Pernelle Raymond Turnipseed ti sdaʔ ʔə tudscapaʔ. Kathie Turnipseed tsi sdaʔ ʔə tsi dsk’ʷuy. Ollie Lane tsi sdaʔ ʔə tsi dkayəʔ. Marvel Lane ti sdaʔ ʔə ti dscapaʔ. Alina Fidel Turnipseed tsi sdaʔ ʔə tsi dčəgʷəš. ʔa ti səsaʔliʔ bədbədəʔčəɬ. Sebastian Fidel Turnipseed ti sdaʔ ʔə tiiɬ luƛ’. Gabriel Fidel Turnipseed ti sdaʔ ʔə tiiɬ t’isu. huyəxʷ čəd. huyəxʷ čəd.


I am a member of the Puyallup Tribe. My father’s name is Michael Turnipseed. My grandmother’s name is Bertha Jane Turnipseed. My late grandfather’s name is Pernelle Raymond Turnipseed. My mother’s name is Kathie Turnipseed. My grandmother’s name is Ollie Lane. My grandfather’s name is Marvel Lane. My wife’s name is Alina Fidel Turnipseed. We have two children. The older one’s name is Sebastian Fidel Turnipseed. The younger one’s name is Gabriel Fidel Turnipseed. I am finished. I am finished.


We want to update everyone that Grandview will remain closed until further notice. We are working on a plan to safely and gradually reopen when possible. In the meantime, we have a subsidized childcare assistance program available for families that qualify. Applications can be found at our website: http://www.puyallup-tribe.com/gelc/


As well, we are almost finished with care packages for each child at Grandview that include learning resources and much more. We will be in contact directly with families with more details soon. Please know that we are thinking of you and we all miss you a great deal. We will get through this together.


I am available via phone, email, or even a video chat, if you have any questions or want to check-in.

ʔəsbutbutlačibitubuɬəd čəd. I raise my hands to all of you.

David Turnipseed

GELC Director